Black Belt Reading

Wondering how to help your struggling child learn to read and write?

Watch the video lessons, practice the new skill by completing the accompanying packets, and see your child learn to read and write from the comfort of your own home!

With over 160 teaching videos to help your child learn to read and write, it's like having your very own live-in reading and writing tutor!

With the Black Belt Reading Program, You Can:

  • Teach your child how to read and write in your own home at his/her own pace
  • Help your child learn to read BIG words without relying on pictures, context clues, or memory
  • Help your child learn to spell thousands of words and write sentences with proper capitalization and punctuation
  • Improve your child’s handwriting skills
  • Expand your child’s vocabulary
  • Work on your child’s comprehension skills 
  • Help your child become a Black Belt Reader and Writer!

Join the Kids Can! READ and WRITE! revolution and get your kids reading and writing with confidence!

What's inside? 

Disclaimer:  This program works best for beginning readers with average to above average intelligence.  I can not guarantee results since I do not know your child, the issues your child faces, or how much effort and time you will put into the program; I can show you what you need to do to teach your child to read, step by step.  It's up to you to ask the questions, do the work, and keep reviewing the material as needed to ensure that your child grasps and remembers each lesson.

$997.00 USD

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