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Mastering Multiplication

Need help teaching your child the multiplication tables?  Tired of watching your child use his or her fingers and toes to multiply?  Want to help improve his or her timed math scores?  Click here to learn a faster way for your kids to multiply when the basic facts just won't seem to stick.

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Kids Can! READ and WRITE! E-Course (COMING SOON!)

Whether your kids have been struggling to learn to read and write for years or are just getting ready to start learning, we've got you covered.  Click here to learn how to teach your kids to read and write on your own!  Great for parents, resource teachers, and tutors.

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30-Day Spelling Challenge

Still struggling to spell common "sight words"?  Words such as said, they, could, was, saw, because, and once that don't sound like they are spelled can be especially hard for some kids to learn to spell correctly, especially if they have dyslexia.  Click here to learn how to help your child finally learn these important words.

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