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Could Your Struggling Child Have Dyslexia? Download Our FREE Checklist to See.

Dyslexia is so much more than "backwards letters".  It can be responsible for slow, inaccurate reading, messy handwriting, bizarre spelling, trouble retaining learned information, difficulty memorizing, and so much more.  Find out if dyslexia could be making learning harder for your child.

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6 Things You Could Start Doing TODAY to Improve Your Child's Reading Ability.

Want to start helping your child get his or her confidence back?  Need a few "quick wins" to get you started?  Click here to learn six things you can start doing TODAY to help improve your struggling child's reading.  You don't have to be a trained educator; I can teach you what you need to know.

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Why Even Really Bright Kids Can Struggle to READ and How You Can Help

You know your child is bright.  He or she is creative, funny, thoughtful, inventive, curious, and loves to learn.  But you also know that something is not right.  He or she is struggling to learn to read and spell despite everything you've done to expose him or her to language, books, experiences, etc.

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Teaching kids to read and write doesn't have to be confusing, difficult, or stressful.

You just need to know WHAT TO DO... and HOW TO DO IT! And you need to know NOW! You are tired of watching your bright child struggle and lose faith in his or her abilities. You are tired of watching his or her self-esteem and confidence plummet. You need someone to walk you through the reading process, step-by-step, so that you know what to teach your child...and how to get around the tricky spots...WITHOUT constant tears and tantrums. I've been teaching kids to read and write for over 20 years now, and I would love to help you. My program has helped all sorts of kids with all sorts of learning differences learn to read and write. Contact me for private, one-on-one tutoring, or sign up for my step-by-step online reading program. I am here to help.

Private Tutoring with Katy Huller

Kids Can! Online Reading Program

Don't wait! Let Me Help You Get Your Kids Reading and Writing!!

Stop worrying. Stop waiting. Start teaching your child what he or she REALLY needs to know to stop guessing at words, mumbling through them, or skipping them entirely -- all from the comfort of your own home! My comprehensive online program will walk you through what to teach and how to teach it so you can help your child start feeling CONFIDENT and SMART again.

Make This Your Child's Year to Catch Up and/or Excel!

I will walk you through the process, step by step. 

1.  Watch my instruction video at the beginning of each lesson to learn the new lesson/"trick". 

2.  Work through the provided interactive learning packet with your child at your own speed and pace.  (Packets include word attack skills, comprehension activities, spelling practice lists, writing activities, vocabulary boosters, games, and more!)

Run into a problem?  Have a question?  Ask it in my private Facebook group and get coached through it.

3.  Once your child has mastered the new lesson/concept, move on to the next lesson.  (I recommend going through a packet each week, but you have the freedom and flexibility to go at your own pace.)

4.  Watch your child's reading and writing skills improve!

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"Our daughter started showing signs of struggling to read in kindergarten. She really struggled memorizing sight words and was getting letters mixed up. Because she was having a hard time with letters and words, this also affected her in math with word problems or understanding directions. We trudged through 1st grade with her being placed in EIP math and reading, and finally were referred to Ms. Huller at the beginning of second grade. Within a few months, she had brought her reading level up several steps and (our daughter) received a reading award at the end of the year. Going into 3rd grade, she was more excited about books and started actually choosing to read during free time. She has been released from EIP and is on grade level for both math and reading now. We love what Mrs. Huller's program has done to help our daughter. "

Tatum's Mom

"I am so happy that we found out about Mrs. Huller! My son has always struggled with reading and nothing that we tried seemed to help. Once we started seeing Mrs. Huller for tutoring, I immediately saw a difference in my son with his reading and confidence. The way she teaches is like no other. She makes learning fun and he always looked forward to going. The homework that she gives is something that I didn't have to pull his teeth to get done. If anyone is looking for a tutor for reading, Mrs. Huller is your person! I highly recommend her to everyone!"

Bridget Martin

"Several trusted elementary school teachers recommended Katy Huller to me in 2015. With regret, I admit to waiting and giving my daughter "more time". My daughter had already repeated kindergarten and was participating in her school's EIP program. She was not making progress. Finally in 3rd grade, I knew we could not wait any longer. She began tutoring with Katy in November of 2016. She was in 3rd grade and reading at a 1st grade level. Katy is so energetic, kind, and patient. She is extremely positive and encouraging. Her program helped my daughter to overcome bad reading habits. My daughter began to truly decode words and read without guessing. I love that Katy's packets do not feel too "babyish". My daughter is challenged and has made great improvements in her vocabulary. My daughter is now reading almost 100 words per minute. Katy has equipped us with the tools to tackle any book and we will continue to use these tools to practice and further her reading progress. I highly recommend Katy Huller as a reading tutor, especially if you suspect dyslexia, or your child has already been diagnosed with dyslexia."

Happy Mom

"When Ty started tutoring, he was really struggling at school with reading and writing. He couldn't keep up with his classmates and would get frustrated easily. He hated to read, and I would always have to make him do it. Now he reads on his own without being asked because he wants to. His self-confidence in the classroom has greatly improved, and he is no longer the last to finish. Ty went from getting 'needs improvement' on half his report card to all A's and B's!"

Ty's Mom

"Thank you so much for taking on the task of teaching my son to read. Gavin has always had anxiety when it comes to reading, especially out loud. You have helped him overcome those fears. You have taught him so much more than just reading well. His ability to answer questions in complete sentences and reading comprehension has also improved dramatically. Gavin now wants to read, and I can not thank you enough for all you have done."

Gavin's Mom

"We highly recommend Katy Huller as a reading tutor. She has helped our daughter tremendously. She performed a thorough initial assessment of our daughter on the first visit. After that, she sat down with my husband and I and went through her findings. We knew immediately that we had come to the right place. We had already done all we knew to help Lauren, yet she was still struggling with reading and lagging behind in school. We couldn't figure out how else to help her. Katy's initial evaluation and assessment of Lauren brought all the missing pieces of the puzzle together. It was a huge weight off of our shoulders. Someone finally knew what Lauren needed and had a plan for her! Lauren is now reading at grade level. Something I had hoped for but wasn't sure we would attain. Katy has been a huge blessing to our family and we are absolutely thrilled with how far Lauren has come with Katy's help!"

Lauren's Mom and Dad

"Our experience with Mrs. Huller has been nothing beyond amazing. We were impressed just after one session. The tricks she taught had our son able to read some basic words in such a short time frame. Mrs. Huller's energy and positive attitude made reading exciting for our son. Being able to read has boosted his self-esteem. I enjoyed listening to them interact and how excited he would get to learn something new. We were so impressed with her teaching ability that we have recommended her to several other parents. Our son would have never come so far in reading if it hadn't been for Mrs. Huller. We thank her for all she has done."

Blake's Mom

"I had known for a couple of years that Charlie's spelling and writing were not on par with the rest of his academic development. It has been wonderful to watch him gain the confidence that he needed in writing with you. He may not admit it, but he worked really hard to show you his best work. He wanted to impress you each week. Our family will be forever grateful to you!"

Charlie's Mom and Dad

"Katy, I just wanted to let you know that my granddaughter has continued to succeed in her school work. She received several awards today at her school for math, reading, and a student that maintained A or B average all year. She received an award for going up six reading levels this year. Thanks to your foundations you gave her to succeed in every subject. Her reading is great! Thank you!"

Proud Nana

"Hey -- just remembered something little man said to me last night. He said he looks forward to his bedtime each night because it means he gets uninterupted time to read and he enjoys that time so much! I can't help but forever thank you for helping him recognize that part of himself that IS a reader!"

Proud Mom

"At dinner at night we say what we are thankful for and last night Kaden said, "I am thankful for Mrs. Katy and how much she has helped me with my school work.""

Thankful Momma

"For the past two years, Brynnah has been lucky to be going to tutoring with Katy Huller. When she began, she could barely read or spell. But with hard work and the help of Katy's tricks, she is back on track. We are beyond thankful for Katy and all her help. We would highly recommend Katy and her program."

Brynnah's Dad and Stepmother

"Before tutoring, our daughter struggled sounding out words while reading, not allowing her to be a confident reader. Tutoring has strengthened her skills and made her excited to read and write."

5th Grader's Mom

Hi!  I'm Katy Huller!

I've been teaching kids to read and write for over 20 years now. During this time, I have worked with all sorts of kids -- gifted kids, average kids, below average kids, dyslexic kids, hyper kids, calm kids, angry kids, happy kids, and a mix of many of the above.  I've also worked with a multitude of kids struggling with various processing, speech, language, and/or attention issues.  Despite the variety of kids and the broad range of reading/writing problems they have come to me with, I've had great results.  Over and over again, I've watched these kids learn to read and write.

Now I want to help YOU  get the same great results with YOUR KIDS so they can become confident, eager students who love going to school and learning!  Sign up for our online course or contact me for private, one-on-one tutoring.  Even if you don't live nearby, I can tutor your child through Skype, Zoom, or FaceTime.  In any case, I'd love to help you get your kids on the right track so they can feel smart, confident, and empowered again.

Help Me Get My Kids Reading and Writing!

"When I first started tutoring, I had a really hard time reading and now I am a lot better reader. Mrs. Huller has helped me a lot. She was a very good tutor, and she can help anyone. She can help people to read and write.""

Addy, 3rd Grade

"I didn't know how to read, but tutoring helped me a lot. Now I know how to read. So I won't struggle on reading and spelling anymore. I love reading and spelling now because of tutoring."

Aniston, 2nd Grade

"Before I came to tutoring, I could not hardly read. When I was taking tests, I would see other people finished, but I was so so so stuck. Now I can read and now (I) am the first one that is done. Last year, I could not spell 'should', but now I know all of the words. After 2 years of tutoring, I am almost the smartest in the family."

Tatum, 3rd Grade

"Before I came to tutoring, I needed help in reading. I mixed up words like further for furniture, chess for cheese, and steepest for speeches. Your tricks really helped. When I write stories and when I do my homework, I am reading the story and writing the answers. I also got better in vocabulary. I know what words mean now. On the last day of tutoring, I wrote a story, and I was amazed by my handwriting. Thank you for tutoring me.""

Conner, 4th grade

"Reading tutoring has helped me a lot because I can read and write better. I can read about 4 Magic Tree House books in 1 day. It makes me feel like a champ when I can read almost anything. My mom couldn't read my work (before). Now she can read my work. You can see why reading tutoring has helped me."

Ty, 2nd grade

"You have helped me so much! When I first came here I was pretty much failing. When I first came, I was reading backwards. Now, I don't. I used to get U's (unsatisfactories) instead of O's (outstandings), but now I went from U's all the way to O's. I used to always forget my capitals and periods, but now I don't. Thank you for everything you've done."

Kiersten, 2nd grade

"Before I came to tutoring, I was just remembering the words and didn't know the tricks, but you have helped me get A's in school. Now I know the tricks for sixth and seventh grade and forever. Thank you, Mrs. Huller!"

Gavin, 5th grade

"Thank you for teaching me how to read. Before I came I felt nervous, but now I feel smarter because you helped me read. You made me smarter by teaching me the tricks. I have had so much fun coming to tutoring. Tutoring has helped me pass third grade. Thank you (for) teaching me how to read better and teaching me the tricks."

Hampton, 3rd Grade

"At first, I thought reading was hard. I used to spell things wrong, but now I spell things right. You really helped me a lot. Thank you."

Lauren, 2nd Grade

"Before I came here, I was at a kindergarten reading level in first grade. Now I'm at a second grade level. Tutoring helped me a lot. Now I can read a lot and write! Thank you for helping me, Mrs. Huller!!!! You are the best ever, Mrs. Huller!!!"

Blake, 1st Grade

"I feel so much better when I read because I know all of the tricks now. It is a breeze when I read. It is so much better than when I first came here. When I did not come here, I was not a good reader, but I am now. When I get stuck on a word, I think of the tricks so I sound out the word and I get the word right. Some days I do not feel like reading, so I play outside so the next day I feel like reading. When I first started to come here, I never felt like reading but now I like to read sometimes."

Addy, 3rd Grade

"I was in 3rd grade when I started to come to see you. I came to see you because I had trouble with reading. I didn't really read, I guessed. I had trouble with reading big chapter books. It was hard for me to sound out words. After I started coming to see you, I learned that it wasn't so hard. All I had to do was learn the tricks, and I had it. It feels a lot better to be able to read. Since I can read, I can do anything. Like read chapter books and read big words. I feel a lot better since I can do that. Coming to Mrs. Katy's has helped me a lot."

Ella Kate, 4th Grade

"When I started tutoring, it was hard to read and write. When Mrs. Huller started teaching me, it really helped. I learned tricks and how to sound words out. I also learned how to answer the hard questions, and now they are easy. Now it is easy to go to school. I don't mind being called on to read at school. I also think my handwriting is getting better. Plus, it is easier to answer questions. Coming to tutoring has really helped me as a reader."

Luke, 5th Grade

"When I first started coming to you, I was scared. I didn't like to read out loud in class. You taught me a lot of tricks to sound out words. That made me feel happy. I was not scared anymore. You believed in me. You have taught me so many different things, but most of all you have taught me how to think so I understand things better. I am going to miss you sooooooo much! Thank you so much for everything!"


"Five months ago when someone asked me to write a half page narrative, I would freak. It was partially that I couldn't spell. But I think that it was mainly that no one ever taught me how to write. But after your help, I can write this and it's easy. Thank you!"

Charlie, 5th Grade

"Tutoring helped me read and write better. I used to write big. I used to could never read at all and now I can read a lot better. I can read faster, too. Thank you, Mrs. Huller, for tutoring me."

Brynnah, 3rd Grade

"I think that before I came to you I had a hard time reading and that I didn't know what my vowels were, but after I came to you, I started to be able to understand more. It has really helped me. Thank you so much."

Presley, 5th grade

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Teach Your Kids to READ and WRITE! (It's easier than you think!)

Whether your kids have been struggling to learn to read and write for years or are just getting ready to start learning, I've got you covered! Click here to learn how to teach your kids to read and write on your own!  Great for parents, IEP teachers, and tutors.

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Need help Teaching Your Kids the Multiplication Tables?

Tired of watching your child use his or her fingers and toes to multiply? Want to help improve his or her timed math scores? Click here to learn a faster way for your kids to multiply when the basic facts just won't seem to stick.  

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Still Struggling to Spell Common "Sight Words"?

Words such as said, they, could, was, saw, because, and once that don't sound like they are spelled can be especially hard for some kids to learn to spell correctly, especially if they have dyslexia. Click here to learn how to help your child finally learn these important words.

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Build Your Child's Confidence

School can be a confidence buster for kids who can't read and write well. Stop waiting for someone else to figure out a way to help your child, and take the reigns!  You can teach your own child to read and write.  I'll teach you what you need to know to help your child become the reader and writer he or she was meant to be even if he or she struggles with speech, memory, processing, directionality, and/or retrieval issues.

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Teach Smarter, Not Harder

Bright kids who struggle to learn to read and write in school usually suffer from memory, processing, retrieval, and/or directionality issues that make it hard for them to learn without explicit, systematic instruction.  That means that certain techniques (sight words, reading easy-to-read books, copying words over and over again, etc.) will NEVER teach your child how to read and write properly.  I will show you how to help your child THINK through the reading and writing process so that they can bypass their memory and/or processing difficulties and begin reading and writing much more confidently and accurately.

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Make a Difference in Your Child's Life

Be a real-life superhero to your child! Save him or her from a lifetime of feeling "less than", ashamed, defeated, and "slow".  Teach him or her to read and write ANYTHING (not just predictable and/or memorized text), and watch your child's confidence and happiness return.

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You Don't Have to Keep Watching Your Kids Struggle.

You've tried to help. You've asked the teacher what to do. You've talked to your friends. But all you've been told is to "just read more". Or "practice your sight words". Or maybe even, "Just give it more time. It will all come together." But for some kids, reading more, practicing sight words, and waiting will only make things worse -- socially, emotionally, and educationally. Because your kids need explicit, systematic instruction that they can actually understand and remember. In other words, they need the reading and writing process SPELLED OUT for them. Once they see how letters and sounds work together to make words and learn the "tricks" that they are missing, most kids leap forward in their reading skills and finally catch up to their peers.

Need Help Mastering Basic Math Skills?

Kids who struggle to read and write often have trouble catching on to basic math skills such as adding, subtracting, telling time, counting money, and dealing with fractions, multiplying, and dividing. Let us show you how to help your kids master these skills -- even if they've been struggling for years!


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