Work On Your Own

Live too far away to come for tutoring but desperately want to help your child learn to read and write?  No worries -- we've got you covered!


Or Work With Me In Person

Step 1: Contact Me for a Testing Date

If you are interested in tutoring, the first step is to set up a testing date.  To do so, contact me at [email protected], and let me know how old your child is and what you are seeking help for.  If I don't have any tutoring spots available when you contact me, I can put you on my waiting list. There are usually a few kids about to graduate, and I will work hard to try to get you in as quickly as possible.  Oftentimes, I can work you in during absences until a full time spot becomes available.

Step 2: Come for Testing

Testing takes place in Lake Arrowhead (Waleska, GA), and typically lasts 1-3 hours for most kids, depending on how much they know/don't know and how quickly (or slowly) they answer.  Basically, testing helps me get to know your child and better understand what his or her needs are.  It covers reading and writing skills, as well as vocabulary and comprehension skills.  I go over the test results with you immediately after we're done, so that takes a little time as well.  Regardless of how long testing takes, it costs $100.

Step 3: Begin Tutoring and Watch Your Child Learn!

I typically meet with kids once a week for about an hour.  I will generally send home a packet of work for you to do with your child between sessions so you can reinforce what your child is learning with me and make sure that he or she gets the practice needed to retain it..  I charge a monthly fee of $240.  This holds your spot for you until you no longer need or desire my services.  There is no contract, so you can stop coming whenever you wish. Most kids keep coming for about a year.  I follow the Cherokee Schools calendar for vacations, but I do see kids in the summer.


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