11 Lessons I've Learned From Working With My Dyslexic Students

Uncategorized Oct 21, 2019

1.  Never give up. You can not progress if you give up. Struggle isn’t a sign to stop but to keep going. Get help if you need it.  Find someone who can teach in a way that makes sense to you, and let them help guide you through the struggle.  Those who continue to persevere through difficulties are the ones who succeed.

2.  Difficult does not mean impossible. Just because something is a challenge for you to learn doesn’t mean that you can’t learn it.  If you break it down and practice it for long enough, you can learn anything!  Sometimes you end up being even better at it than the people who were born with more natural skills for it because you worked harder at it than they did and became even better in the process!

3.  There's more than one kind of "smart". You can be extremely smart and still struggle to learn certain things, particularly those that require rote memorization. You might be a great thinker, inventor,...

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Why "More Time" and "More Practice" Might Not Be the Best Thing For Your Struggling Reader

Uncategorized Oct 21, 2019

Do you have a smart kid who is struggling to learn to read and write?

Have you been told to just give your struggling reader "more time" or "more practice"? 

Is your child's teacher insisting that everything is okay despite the nagging voice in your head that's insisting that it isn't? 

Is your child telling you that he or she is "stupid" or "needs help" even though you know that he or she is really very bright?


Often, this is due to undiagnosed memory, retrieval, processing, and/or directionality issues. 

Because these kids are so smart, however, many teachers and parents often think that their kids are just "not trying hard enough" or that they are "being lazy".  Many often think it's just a "developmental issue" and that they will get it with "more time" and "more practice".

But "more time" and "more practice only works if the right foundation has been laid.  No amount of...

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