Hi! I'm Katy Huller!

I've been teaching kids to read and write for over 20 years now. 

During this time, I have worked with all sorts of kids -- gifted kids, average kids, below average kids, dyslexic kids, hyper kids, calm kids, angry kids, happy kids, and a mix of many of the above. 

I've also worked with a multitude of kids struggling with various processing, speech, language, and/or attention issues. 

Despite the variety of kids and the broad range of reading/writing problems they have come to me with, I've had great results. 

Over and over again, I've watched these kids learn to read and write.

Now I want to help YOU get the same great results with YOUR KIDS so that they can become confident, eager students who love going to school and learning! 

Contact me for private, one-on-one tutoring, or sign up for my step-by-step online reading course and let my videos and learning packets guide you to success.

Either way, I'd love to help you get your kids on the right track so that they can feel smart, confident, and empowered again.

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With the right training, you can bust through reading and writing problems!

Help your child learn to read and write this year.  Bust through bad habits, frustration, nerves, discouragement, fear, anxiety, self-doubt, and all of the other negative things that tend to go along with the reading and writing struggles many bright kids often face due to dyslexia.


Wondering how to get started? 

The first step is to bring your child for testing so that I can figure out what your child already knows about reading and writing, as well as what he or she still needs to learn in order to get better at both. 

Testing typically takes 1-3 hours to complete, depending on how knowledgeable your child is and how quickly he or she answers/completes each section.

I will go over your child's testing results with you as soon as we are done.  This takes a little time as well.  During this time, I will tell you what I see and give you a chance to ask any questions that you might have.

When we are finished chatting, you will have the option to sign up for tutoring or not.  If I do not have any time slots available to offer you, we can discuss utilizing the online program and/or being a "floater" until a consistent time slot opens up.

Regardless of how long all of this takes, testing costs $100. 

You can pay with cash or a credit/debit card.


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Come for Testing

Let's figure out why your child is struggling.

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Begin Tutoring

Watch your child learn to read and write.

Have Questions?

Have a question?  Looking for a tutor?  Wondering how to help your child?

  Email me!  I'm here to help!

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