My REALLY Bright Child Is Struggling to Read and Write

dyslexia Jan 26, 2021

Many REALLY BRIGHT KIDS struggle unexpectedly to learn to read and write. 

Often, this is due to undiagnosed memory, retrieval, processing, and/or directionality issues. 

Because these kids are so smart, however, many teachers and parents often think that their kids are just "not trying hard enough" or that they are "being lazy".  Many often think it's just a "developmental issue" and that they will get it with "more time" and "more practice".

But "more time" and "more practice" only works if the right foundation has been laid.  No amount of extra time or practice will help a dyslexic child learn to read and write well if the base skills are still missing and not being filled in adequately.

And while these skills are missing and not being filled in, undiagnosed dyslexics who aren't getting the help they need often SUFFER emotionally from constant:

FRUSTRATION-- Seeing other kids quickly grasp how to read and write while they just can't seem to make sense of it...

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